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Conditions Of Use

These Terms & Conditions are applicable on all Reservation Contracts between MFA Inc. (or “we, us”) and our clients (Guest(s) or “them, their”) for the rental of fully furnished long or short-term accommodations (“Apartment”).


Conditions Of Payment

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars including prices shown in our brochures or on our website. Guest(s) agree to pay the rental of the Apartment for the duration of the Reservation Contract and any/all applicable fees for additional services requested by the Guest(s). Payment can be made to MFA Inc. by Company Cheque, Money Order, credit card MasterCard or VISA or Cash. For all payments by credit card , 4 % fee will be charged to the guest(s). Guest(s) are required to complete and return a Credit Card Authorization Form and/or a Corporate Guarantee before their reservation is confirmed. For the duration of the reservation and any extension of it, the Guest(s) agrees to pay fees for the rental of the Apartment and any additional chargeable services utilized.

If a Corporate Guarantee (refer to the Corporate Guarantee for particulars) is arranged on behalf of the Guest(s), the person or entity named will be liable to pay all fees indicated and the Guest(s) will be responsible for paying all other fees, if any.  Unless otherwise arranged or agreed, any balances owing will be charged to the credit card account on file without further notice. In the absence of a Credit Card Authorization Form and/or a Corporate Guarantee, a Security Deposit of 500$, be held on hold, and will be returned to the Guest(s), not exceeding 10 days following departure. All new reservations one month or less must be paid in full upon check in. Any reservation for longer than one month will be charged on a  monthly basis after the initial payment.  A late payment fee of 5% will be charge on a monthly basis. 1000$ down payment  must be made for all monthly reservations.

Confirmation Changes

Any changes modified in a confirmed reservation may be subject to an administration charge of $60.00 per reservation. Acceptance of changes in check-in dates remains at the sole discretion of MFA Inc. and may be viewed as a cancellation. Early check-out dates require a thirty (30) day notice.

If not, it will be subject to the balance of the notice up to a maximum of a thirty (30) day penalty.No refund for an early departure. In extreme circumstances MFA Inc .may find it necessary to cancel a reservation and if so, NFA Inc. shall make all practical efforts to offer a comparable alternative. If this is not acceptable,MFA Inc. will refund any sum paid in advance; which shall constitute full and final settlement of any liability MFA Inc. may have as a result of such cancellation.

Liability & Insurance

The Guest(s) agree to indemnify MFA Inc. against loss, injury, damage, cost, action or cause of action of any nature whatsoever caused by any of the Guest(s), Permitted Occupant(s) or of any person they invite into the Apartment MFA Inc. is not liable in any way for any lost, damaged or stolen items of the Guest(s) used or contained in the Apartment during the Guest(s) stay or left in the Apartment once the Guest(s) has vacated. The Guest(s) hereby releases, remises, and forever discharges MFA Inc, its Officers, Directors, Managers, Employees, Agents and Contractors, from any and all liability, injury, loss and damages, including personal injury and death that may arise from or in relation to the Guest(s) exclusive possession of the Apartment and use the Apartment until the Departure Date, whenever or however they occur.

The Guest(s) are also responsible for maintaining all practical care of the Apartment and its contents. Except in the case of normal wear and tear, the Guest(s) are responsible for any damage to the Apartment or its contents during their stay which has occurred due to the negligence, willful default or irresponsible behavior on the part of the Guest(s) or those occupying the Apartment or their guests. Any damage must be reported to MFA Inc. by the Guest(s), without delay. Guest(s) will ensure that nothing is done which may jeopardize MFA Inc’s insurance policy or any part of it in respect of the Apartment and its contents. The Guest(s) and occupants are advised to maintain appropriate liability insurance and homeowners and/or tenants insurance for their own personal possessions. Without prejudice to any other right or remedy MFA Inc. may have, the Guest(s) may forfeit their security deposit (or an appropriate proportion of it) if they do not respect the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

Rate Changes

MFA Inc’s published rates are subject to change without notice.  Reconfirm rates on all reservations, extensions or new reservations.  For the guest(s) staying more than one (1) month and who are paying a monthly rate will be given one (1) month’s prior notice of any rate change. Any Guest(s) whose original reservation is for one (1) month or greater and who advises MFA Inc. of an earlier than scheduled check out having the effect of reducing the reservation to less than thirty (30) days, will be subject to a corresponding rate change to the higher weekly or nightly rate, as applicable.  All such reductions in duration will also be subject to the applicable taxes. MFA Inc. will revise the original billing in this regard and charge the Guest(s) accordingly.

Customer Dissatisfaction

If the Guest(s) should find accommodations to be other than as represented ,MFA Inc. will make every effort to remedy the problem, and in extreme situations will attempt to move the Guest(s) to another Apartment if available. In the event a substitute Apartment is found which rents at a higher rate than originally booked, the Guest(s) may be asked to pay the difference. If this is not possible, or is unacceptable, all monies received by MFA Inc. will be refunded as full and final settlement of any claims. While MFA Inc. will do everything possible to accommodate the Guest(s) needs, MFA Inc. is not responsible for situations and conditions which are beyond our control such as: bad weather; airline delays; labor strikes; or the failure of a previous guest to vacate the Apartment.

Termination Of Reservation Contract

MFA Inc. has the right to terminate a Reservation Contract at any time on the grounds of abuse to staff or other guests, mistreatment of the Apartment or criminal activity on the part of those occupying the Apartment or their guests. In such circumstances MFA Inc. is not obliged to provide or locate alternative accommodation. The period of notice and the refund applicable are entirely at the discretion of MFA Inc.


Only persons notified to MFA Inc. in advance may occupy the Apartment overnight. Guest(s) are not permitted to sublet the Apartment to any other third party. The number of persons permitted to occupy the Apartment is limited to the number indicated on the Reservation Contract including children and overnight guests. MFA Inc. reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Apartment if this condition is not complied with.


Guest(s) and all other occupants acknowledge and agree to comply with By-Laws and Rules & Regulations
of the building and/or condominium association during the term of the contract, failing to do so MFA Inc.

It is forbidden to
Use Roller Blades, bicycles or skateboards in all areas of the building.

It is forbidden to
Leave windows open when Apartment is not inhabited.

It is forbidden to
Install additional locking devices on any doors.

It is forbidden to
Leave garbage or debris in any common area not designated for waste disposal.

It is forbidden to
Leave children under the age of twelve (12) unattended in any common areas of the building.

It is forbidden to
Tamper with Smoke Detectors or Fire Extinguisher.

It is forbidden to
Move the furnitures.

It is forbidden to
Solicit or peddle, nor use their Apartment for other than residential or tourist purposes.

It is forbidden to
Cause a disturbance or interference of comfort to other residents of the building.

It is forbidden to
Cook outside of the kitchen area.

It is forbidden to
Block toilets, sinks, tubs or other water fixtures with garbage or other substances.

It is forbidden to
Bar-b-Q  on the balconies or terraces.

It is forbidden to
Hang clothes, towels or bathing suits on balconies, windows or terraces.

It is forbidden to
Post any ads, notices or any other signs anywhere in the buildings.

It is forbidden to
Make holes in the wall.

It is forbidden to
Remove dishes, cookware or any other equipment or furnishings from the Apartment.


In accordance with Canadian law, and for the comfort of all its guests, MFA Inc. offers a smoke-free environment.  There will be No Smoking or burning of candles or incense permitted in any property managed by MFA Inc. Individuals smoking in the Apartments will be subject to eviction and responsible for complete sanitation and restoration costs.


Some, but not all, of the properties where MFA Inc. has Apartments permit pets; For any Apartment where pets are permitted, a Pet Agreement must be signed by any guest wishing to accommodate their pet(s) in that Apartment. Please refer to the Pet Agreement for particulars.

Rights Of Access

MFA Inc, or our authorized agents, may at any time access the Apartment for the purpose of inspection of the Apartment, and to carry out repair or maintenance work .MFA  Inc. will make every effort to give advance notice to the Guest(s).

Facilities & Services

All Apartments are fully furnished and include a kitchen fully operational with appliances, cutlery, and kitchen utensils. No food is provided. Apartments are equipped with linen and towels. A full inventory of equipment and utensils will be in the Apartments. No items may be removed from the Apartment. The Apartment includes heating, electricity, gas, water, internet connection, and cable television. Any extra facilities and charges are solely at MFA Inc. discretion.

Incidental Charges

15A. Damaged or Lost Keys

Guest(s) shall be responsible for the costs of replacing lost keys, for any damage caused by abuse or neglect.  There will be a charge of $50 minimum for lost keys.

15B. Phone

Local calls are provided in some apartment.  Guests who alter the communications/service provider, without consent of MFA Inc. will incur a service fee charged to their account.

15C. Television & Internet

Cable TV is provided in each Apartment.  Each Apartment has been equipped with a modem and a wireless for High Speed Internet.  Upon departure, all equipment must remain in the Apartment or the guest will be responsible for a charge of $200.00 for replacement of the modem and the router.

15D. Housekeeping and utilities

Guest(s) are responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness and condition of the interior of the Apartments.  Upon departure, Guest(s) are expected to leave the Apartment in the same condition that we have provided or be billed a minimum of $50.00 for additional cleaning costs associated with the state of the Apartment such as waste removal.

Extra housekeeping charges will apply for any Apartment which requires more time than normally allocated for a clean out to return the Apartment to MFA Inc. standards.

MFA Inc. conducts a final cleaning and inspection of each Apartment upon Guest(s) departure. Basic utilities (electricity, hot-water, heating, air-conditioning, etc) are included in the rental rate.  However, the Guest(s) must insure that all lights and small appliances are turned off, and air-conditioning & heating units should be turned down to save energy when the Apartment is unoccupied.

Extra charges may apply if any utilities bill rises above and beyond the standard usage costs for the specific Apartment rented.